Posters will be available in electronic format only, presented on self-standing screens onsite in the venue and online in the virtual platform during the event, and for 2 months after the congress, all poster presenters are kindly asked to prepare their presentations with care for online viewing, including respective consent on text and photo usage. Please check USE OF PHOTOGRAPHS in the menu to consult guidance on the use of photographs during presentations prepared by ESPD. 

All presenters (attending the congress in-person or virtually) will submit their PDF poster to the virtual congress platform (will not display a physical poster in the venue). 

English is the official language of the congress. The presenting authors are entirely responsible for the poster content. No QR codes are allowed on the posters.No specific poster sessions are held, and authors do not need to be present during any particular time. 

In the virtual congress platform, a poster-specific discussion space will be available for viewers’ and author’s written comments and follow-up during the Congress (and within the 2 following months). 

Poster upload

All poster presenters will upload their electronic poster to the virtual platform.

Poster upload will be open in April. Specific dates, a link to the virtual platform & details on how to proceed will be communicated in time. 

Please check your poster for spelling and grammar and make sure to upload the final version of your poster. 

Poster (mandatory) 

File type: PDF (200 MB maximum)

Format: 1 page, portrait orientation

Dimensions: A0 or A1

How to save PPTX as a PDF. 

Short video presentation (optional)

File type: .mp4

Lenght: 2 minutes maximum 

Resolution: 540p minimum / 720p max 

How to record: Using PowerPoint 

How to save with the PDF: How to save files as ZIP


ESPD guidelines on the use of photographs during presentations 

All responsibility for the presentation of pictures in ESPD congresses will rest with the speaker.  In general eyes and genitalia should be blurred/covered unless they need to be seen for educational purposes to demonstrate the skin in those areas.  Full-body photographs including the face should be avoided unless necessary for educational purposes. 

Pictures used during presentations should all fall into one of the following categories:  

  • Published photographs - where these are used please ensure you put the reference of the paper on the same slide as the photograph. We would encourage speakers to use published photos as much as possible.  

  • Internet photographs - where these are used please check the regulations for reuse for each picture and comply with the restrictions - for example, the website may need to be referenced on the slide.  

  • Speakers' own photographs - please make sure you have consent not only for face-to-face presenting but also for presenting and sharing online and in recordings.   

Contact us at abstracts@espd.info if you have any questions or doubts. 

Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Congress Secretariat at abstracts@espd.info.



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