Join the ESPD Mentorship Scheme as a mentor or a mentee! The ESPD Mentorship Scheme was launched at the 18th Annual meeting in London in 2018, was held in Dubrovnik 2019 and will continue at every future annual ESPD meeting.  Sign up by filling in and submitting the below form .

    This unique scheme  aims to provide those training in Pediatric Dermatology with access to mentorship  from more senior members of ESPD, in a private one-to-one session for an hour. These meetings will take place at the ESPD Annual Meeting, or by Skype/internet once a year should this be preferred by the mentee. Mentees will choose their preferred mentors from the FILE  (updated on a regular basis), and will be assigned a mentor after the closing date each year. A new mentor will be available to the mentees once a year. This scheme is only open to ESPD members , and is immediately available once  ESPD membership application  is approved.

    The  deadline  for guaranteed participation in the Mentorship Scheme  is 21 st  May 2020 . Applicants after this deadline may still be able to participate if there are further mentorship slots available at the time of the meeting, and enquiries should be made directly to the ESPD Office via  e-mail .

    What to expect?

    Mentorship will take the form of a confidential discussion driven by the mentee’s needs or requests at the time of the meeting, and can cover any aspect of Paediatric Dermatology. Possible topics include training requirements, training routes, part-time working, academic activities, or any other professional queries.  The mentor’s role will be to listen and provide advice about the professional issues raised, and to try to guide the mentee towards helpful solutions. This will be based on the mentor’s professional experience. The mentor will not be expected to offer the mentee any form of employment or project, or to give ongoing advice after the one hour meeting, although individual mentor-mentee pairings may decide to arrange one further mentoring session during the year subject to mutual agreement.  Please note that the choice of mentor by the mentee cannot be guaranteed, although every effort will be made to assign the mentee to one of their choices. In cases where multiple mentees have requested the same mentor, the successful mentee will be chosen at random by the system.

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