ESPD Executive Board Elections: Nomination Call

The elections to ESPD Executive Board will take place during the ESPD Board Meeting in London on Thursday, 7th of June. Please see below the important information about the vacancies, deadlines and criteria.

The available vacancies within the Executive Board and the responsibilities of each position are the following:


The President of the ESPD signs and approves all official documents (including business contracts, invitations, official communications etc.) and oversees all publications emanating from the ESPD; he/she also submits a yearly presidential report on the occasion of the Board Meeting.


Management and supervision of all practical tasks related to the functioning of the ESPD, including organisation of the election to the Board of Directors and ESPD Committees, membership management, ESPD website management, ESPD internal events management, various professional initiatives management, travel reimbursements co-approval (with the Treasurer); he/she submits a yearly secretarial report on the occasion of the Board Meeting.


Management and supervision of the financial aspects of the Society and the bank account –  income and expenditures, cash flow monitoring; he/she submits a yearly Treasurer’s report on the occasion of the Board Meeting.

Nominations must be received by Thursday, 17th May 2018.

Accepted Candidates, fulfilling requested criteria, will be shared with the ESPD members 2 weeks before the date of the elections. The elections will take place in London on 7th June 2018.

Following the Internal rules of the ESPD, the suitable candidate is a ESPD member who fulfils the following criteria:

·         ESPD member in good standing from a European nation and who is in active employment in pediatric dermatology.

·         Each candidate must be seconded by 2 ESPD members. This is to be proved by sending the copy of the supporting e-mails to the ESPD Office.


The standing Executive Board makes a proposition (and nomination) for the new composition of the Executive Board as follows:

President: Antonio Torrelo / Dirk van Gysel

Secretary: Christine Bodemer

Treasurer: Stéphanie Christen-Zäch


Why Antonio:

Antonio is internationally known and as a former president of the International Society for PD, he has already experience with responsibilities and tasks that such position requires.

Why Dirk:

Dirk has been a member of the ESPD for over 10 years and his involvement is very valuable for ESPD. As a former treasurer of ESPD he also knows well the daily administration matters of ESPD.

Why Christine:

Christine has been indispensable part of the current Executive Board and her hard work and effort is highly appreciated. Executive Board would be pleased for her continuing as ESPD Secretary.

Why Stéphanie:

Stéphanie´s agenda includes delicate financial matters and during her term, she has proved herself to be a right and reliable person for this post. Her continuous work would be very appreciated by Executive Board.


We will be glad to receive your own suggestions for candidates. 

The nominations must be done in writing via email and sent to  office@espd.info. Kindly note that nominations received after Thursday, 17th May 2018 shall not be considered.

For detailed information about the Executive Board and the election procedure please refer to the ESPD Internal Rules that can be found under this link (please note that you need to be logged in to see the file).